Some of the most frequenlty asked questions

Q. What is bilur?

Bilur is an eCommodity, based on a consensus peer-to-peer network that enables a new and completely decentralized money system. It is the first eCommodity that allows you to protect your investment with physical energy. The value is backed up by stored physical energy.

Q. What is the minimum investment?

The minimum amount of bilur that can be purchased is USD 100. There are no limits regarding the maximum amount.

Q. Who operates bilur?

The bilur is operated, managed and supported by Recol Atlas ATS SL. A company 100% owned by RFintech PLC. The company Recol Atlas ATS has developed bilur's platform and is responsible for its operation, maintenance and future developments.

Recol Atlas ATS is an active practitioner and member of different developer communities around blockchain technologies. Recol Atlas has been involved in the development of other platforms related to the blockchain world as and as well as being responsible for the installation of the first bitcoin ATM in EUROPE.

Q. What technology does bilur use?

The bilur is based on blockchain technology on a private ethereum network where only members associated with bilur participate.

Q. What are the differences with cryptocurrencies?

The bilur has the advantages provided by the new technologies based on blockchain, DLT, and the support and understanding of the traditional financial world as the bilur is backed by stored energy, a commodity. The bilur, compared to cryptocurrencies, has a real, tangible value recognized by the entire financial community that gives credibility. The bilur has no transaction costs like cryptocurrencies. The bilur as a financial tool is tremendously more efficient than any other asset. It is bought, transferred and sold in an agile way without any kind of commissions. The bilur is the future!

Q. Is the bilur secure?

The bilur is based on blockchain technology on a private ethereum network where only members associated with bilur participate. All bilur accounts are managed and monitored by this network. All users of the platform are identified and authorized to operate bilur. The bilur outside this private network, has no value. Therefore, it loses the sense of trying to "steal" the bilur.

Q. How is the value of bilur determined?

This value is variable and calculated daily, (21:30 CET), with Standard & Poor's Platts Dated Brent assessment. 1 bilur = 1 Ton Oil Equivalent (TOE) = 11.6 MWh of energy. 1 TOE Brent crude = 6,481 barrels x Dated Brent price.

Q. How is bilur created?

Bilurs are issued once the corresponding volume of energy commodities has been secured. Since bilur’s value is backed up by stored physical energy, the issuance of bilur occurs after R FinTech has entered an agreement with an oil operator, buying whatever amount of oil barrels is needed to support the ‘new’ bilurs.

Q. Have oil barrels already been purchased to issue bilur?

Yes, for the initial bilur issuance, 1 million barrels have been purchased, which entitled the issuance of 53 million USD worth of bilur (154,297 bilurs). The energy reserves are closely monitored and will be expanded when the need arises.

Q. Who is bilur for?

Bilur is a simple and effective way for the small and medium investor to access the energy market directly and diversify his/her portfolio.

Q. Why is bilur a shelter in times of crisis?

By backing up its value on energy commodities, bilur is a powerful tool for people looking to protect their savings from fiat currency depreciation. It can also be used as a means of exchange since bilur transfers are free and unlimited. Bilur offers an alternative to users who are distrusting of virtual currencies fluctuations.

Q. How to buy?

1.- Having an active and approved account in the platform, first register Bilur purchase order determining the amount of US Dollars to be converted to Bilur.

2.- Make a bank transfer for the amount previously selected indicating as a reference the unique identification code that is provided, along with the bank details, in the email registered on the platform.

3.- Once verified the entry of this amount in RATLASATS accounts and at the time of closing of Bilur market in any given business day, RATLASATS will proceed to deliver in your Bilur account the corresponding amount of Bilur using as reference date Brent Price Assessment published by PLATTS. The number of Bilur credited to your account shall match the exact net amount of US Dollars received by RATLASATS in their account as a consequence of your wiring and therefore any and all bank commissions eventually applicable to the aforementioned bank transfer shall be on your side.

Q. Can you buy it in dollars?

Yes, you can buy in USD.

Q. Can you buy it in euros?

Yes, you can buy in EUR. You can transfer EUR to our USD account and our bank will handle the conversion.

Q. Can you trade bilur from any country?

Bilur can be traded from anywhere in the world without the need of adapting it to local legislation. Trading bilur is simple and can be done from anywhere at any time.

Q. How can I follow the performance of my investment?

The bilurmarket platform provides information to the users that allows them to easily follow the performance of their investment.

Q. How do I sell it?

1.-Having an active account in the platform, register a Bilur sale order for an amount equal to or lower than the current Bilur balance of your account.

2.- Your sale order will be recorded in the sales order book which will be executed after the daily closing of the Bilur market, using as reference date Brent Price Assessment published by PLATTS.

3.-As soon as your bilur are sold, the platform will make a bank transfer to the established bank account by amount in US Dollars corresponding to the quantity of bilur sold.

Q. Can you transfer / send from one account to another?

Yes. You can send part or the total value of your bilurs to another bilur account at any time. The bilur shall be immediately transferred at no cost for both the recipient or the sender.

Q. What is the transfer fee?

Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, neither the bilur platform nor the bilur network charge any transaction fee when sending or receiving bilur.

Q. What is the purchase commission?

There is no commission for buying bilur.

Q. What is the sales commission?

There is no commission for selling bilur.

Q. What is the custody commission?

The balance of your account will be reduced daily by 0.01% in concept of custody commission.

Q. What is an agent?

Agents are people who introduce bilur to new people and sell it. In exchange, they collect a commission for each sale. If you want to become an agent or would like to find out more information, please send an email to

Q. If the minimun investment is 100 USD and 1 bilur is worth more than 300 USD, can I buy a fraction of 1 bilur?

Absolutely, bilur works with 8 decimals. For instance, you could buy 0.00003478 bilur.

Q. I didn't receive my email verification code, what can I do?

Click on the "resend email verification code" link located at the bottom of the "email verification" page. If you still don't receive it, send us an email to or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Q. I didn't receive my mobile phone verification code, what can I do?

If your mobile phone number is correct, click on the "resend sms verification code" link located at the bottom of the "phone verification" page. If you still don't receive it, send us an email to or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

If your mobile phone number is incorrect click on the "update personal information" link and update it.

Q. What would happen to my bilurs in the event of Recol Atlas ATS going into bankruptcy?

Your bilurs represent ownership of a certain amount of oil that is stored by an oil producer. Even in the event of bankruptcy, you will always keep your rights on the oil in storage.

Q. What happens to the money I send to Recol Atlas ATS?

Recol Atlas does not own the money it receives, it simply acts as an intermediary between investors and oil producers. The money received by Recol Atlas is exclusively utilized to pay the oil producer and cannot be used for any other kind of transaction.